Saturday, April 12, 2008

62nd Pandi Foundation Day Activities

PARIPA 2008!
Ika-62ng Anibersaryo ng Kasarinlan ng Pandi
Bakuran ng Pamahalaang Bayan
Abril 14-18, 2008

“Bayan ng Pandi, ating ipagmalaki!”


Abriil 14-17, 2008 7am-7pm!



Unang araw: Abril 14, 2008

Unang bahagi

4:30 AM: Seremonya ng Ilaw

Matutunghayan ang maikling seremonya ng pagsindi ng sulo ni Inang Pilipina, at pagsalin nito sa mga Kapitan ng baranggay, na syang tumatayong mga tagapagtaguyod, upang ilakbay mula sa Lohiya hanggang sa Munisipyo ng Pandi.

5:00 AM: Simula ng Paglalakbay ng Sulo

Ang mga kapitan ng 22 baranggay ng Pandi ay magtutulong-tulong upang ilakbay ang ilaw na simbolo ng kasarinlan ng Pandi, mula Lohiya hanggang sa bakuran ng Pamahalaang Bayan.

Ikalawang bahagi

Palatuntunan sa Pagbubukas ng Pagdiriwang

Pagbubukas ng tianggian sa bakuran ng munisipyo!! Bukas mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes, 7:00am-7:00pm! Makisaya, kumain, at mamasyal!! Manood ng iba’t ibang libreng palabas araw-araw! Ito po ay upang magkaroon ng pagkakalibangan kayong lahat, mga kababayan, sa buong isang linggong pagdiriwang ng kaarawan ng ating bayan!Hapi Bertdey, Pandi!

Pangalawang araw: Abril 15, 2008

8:00 AM: Patimpalak sa pag-dibuho

Patimpalak sa pagguhit na bukas sa mga kabataan ng Pandi, kung saan ang mapipiling natatanging dibuho ay syang magiging pabalat ng “souvenir program” ng Paripa 2008.

2:00 PM: Palarong Pinoy

Masayang paglalaban-laban ng mga kapitan ng baranggay, empleyado ng munisipyo, at mga kasapi ng iba’t-ibang samahan sa Pandi, upang ipamalas ang mga larong bahagi ng ating kultura

Ikatlong araw: Abril 16, 2008

8:00 AM: Eksibisyon ng larong Sepak Takraw

5:00 PM: Sayawang Pambayan

Lahat imbitado sa sayawan sa munisipyo!

Ika-apat na araw: Abril 17, 2008

Unang bahagi

8:00 AM - MISA

Ikalawang bahagi

Pormal na Palatuntunan sa Pagdiriwang ng Anibersaryo ng Kasarinlan ng Pandi

Kasuotan: Filipiniana

Ikatlong bahagi

3:00 PM - Iba’t-ibang Palabas na Kultural (Panoorin ang samu’t saring mga sayaw na sariling atin, na bibigyang saliw ng ating mga mag-aaral mula sa mga elementaryang pampubliko ng bayan!)

Ikalimang araw: Abril 18, 2008

6:00 PM – “HAPI BERTDEY, PANDI!” , Da (FREE!) Concert

Kilalanin, panoorin, at hangaan ang talento ng mga kabataan ng Pandi,
na ating ipinagmamalaki!Kasama ang ilang piling panauhin!


A first in the history of Pandi!!!

For the first time, the whole town of Pandi will be celebrating its foundation day! It used to be that there will just be a short program in the municipal hall attended by a few. Now all the KaPandis are joining in the celebration --- Pandi's 62nd birthday!!!

Dubbed PARIPA 2008, this year's theme is "Bayan ng Pandi, ating ipagmalaki!", a call to the residents to be proud of our own town, and to let others know of its rural charm. Pandi is so near Metro Manila, it can actually become a place of respite on weekends after a tiring week of work in the urban jungles. About time we promote our town to the rest of the country, and to the world!

Several activities are lined up from April 14 to April 18, 2008 Monday to Friday. Daily entertainment throughout the week will be provided at the municipal hall grounds where the flea market area is also set up. Check out the schedule, KaPandi! Let's all have fun in the week-long birthday party!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pandi...? San 'yon?!

A (not so) funny story.......

Does the (un)popularity of our beloved town really matter?

Last April 4, I went to my chosen university to confirm my enrollment and to secure my slot. As expected, there were a lot of students present hoping to do the same. I knew that these people were from different parts of the Philippines and maybe some were from other parts of the world, but amidst all the chaos I didn't feel insecure at all. We were on equal footing. We all passed the entrance exams and we all wanted to be part of that university.

In room 102, I was given sheets of paper which I had to fill in. Later a girl named Nica approached me. Maybe because we both needed company, we decided to be together until we’re done with the papers. A little mingling, and then she asked me where I live, to which I answered "Pandi, Bulacan". But she was not familiar with the place. Actually, I already expected it. I understand because she’s from Navotas and Pandi is not as popular as the other towns of Bulacan. A while later a guy sat beside Nica. Nica decided to talk to him.



Nica: Hi! I’m Nica. Ikaw?

Carlo: I’m Carlo! You’re ..?

Daniela: I’m Daniela

Carlo: Magkakilala kayo?

Daniela: Nope

Nica: Nagkakilala lang kami kanina. Anong course mo?

Carlo: Journalism

Nica: O, parehas kayo!

Carlo: Journalism ka din? (pertaining to me)

Daniela: Oo, HAHAHA baka maging blockmates pa tayo.

Nica: Buti pa kayo. Ako kasi Legal Management.

Carlo: Taga san ka? (referring to Nica)

Nica: Navotas. Ikaw?

Carlo: Bulacan!

Nica: O, di ba taga Bulacan ka din Daniela?

Daniela: Oo, san ka sa Bulacan?

Carlo: Marilao.

Nica: Ay narinig ko na yon. Malayo ba yon?

Carlo: Hindi naman masyado. Ikaw ba saan? (pertaining to me again)

Daniela: Pandi. Pandi, Bulacan.

Carlo: San yon? Malapit sa Garay? (ouch!)

Daniela: Hindi. Malapit sa Sta. Maria.

Carlo: Eh malapit na ang Sta. Maria samin...? Pero san yon??? (ouch! ouch! ouch!)

Daniela: Sta. Maria, Pandi, Balagtas. Magkakatabi yon. (hello!!)

Carlo: Ah, ok. (obviously, di nya talaga alam)

For the first time in my life, I was embarrassed because of my town, Pandi.

Imagine?!? Carlo is already from Bulacan but still, he doesn’t know where Pandi is! I could understand Nica if Pandi is not familiar to her as she lives in Navotas, but, to meet somebody who is also from Bulacan yet has not heard of Pandi (much more know where it is!), it hurt.

The point of my story is this, mga kababayan. We are the people of Pandi. We are the ones who are responsible for its reputation and success. Admit it or not, we are affected by this directly. So what do we do about it?

We have to be cooperative and willing to help. STOP CRAB MENTALITY. If we have nothing good to say, then better to keep it to ourselves (this is for those who do not want Pandi to progress). Rather than talk nonsense, do something helpful to the community. In that way, we can help Pandi have its glory. Let’s work together as one, so that other people become aware of our beautiful, historic town.

Bilang isang kabataan na lumaki sa bayan ng Pandi, gusto ko ring makitang umunlad at makilala ng mga taga ibang bayan, ng buong Pilipinas, at ng buong mundo ang bayan ko --- ang PANDI.

--- Daniela Maria B. Santos

Gem, only 16 y/o, is an incoming freshman at the UST. She wanted to contribute her story to this blog. Do you have a similar story to share?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As promised, the Pandi Battle of the Bands (PBOB) Grand Winner ATE KUROT, was given a chance to perform in one of Metro Manila's hottest rock joint, PURPLE HAZE in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last January 16, 2008. The BUZZ COCKS who also joined them wowed the crowd with their pure love for music. Salute to these kids because aside from being amazing musicians, these 15-year olds are A students as well. Like what Cookie Chua stressed last PBOB, music is an outlet for the youth these days but they should never neglect their education, which should be given priority. Pandi Tourism Council Chairman Dr. Rachel Oca was also on hand to support the bands on their debut gig.

Other bands who performed were ALAKPA, YOSHA, FMD (which stands for Foot and Mouth Disorder) and EARTHLINGS, upcoming pride of Malabon. ATE KUROT and DAMALEDARIAN were nervous at first but loosened up once they were on stage, making beautiful music for the crowd.

Thru this experience, the amateur rock bands hopefully gained some insights and precious experiences in different aspects, to guide them in their future endeavors. It is the dream of TalentoPandi organizers to see these young bands develop their talents further, create their own style of music, and be recognized.

Asenso, mga KaPandi!!

BUZZ COCKS performs in a jam-packed PURPLE HAZE (Wonderful audience too!)

PBOB Grand Champion ATE KUROT

The Ska music of EARTHLINGS liven up the crowd to a different beat

JR Oca of ALAKPA plays junk (jazz and funk) music, here with Isko of FMD

The soulful music of YOSHA wrapped up the night

---- by Jo-G Naldoza

Sigaw ng Kabataan: PBOB 2007

"Music is a beautiful universal language that binds you and me."
True enough, as the first Sigaw ng Kabataan: Pandi Battle of the Bands 2007 was held last December 30, 2007 at the Pandi Sports Complex, all KaPandis were jamming and slamming as they watched local young and aspiring musicians rock the night. The bodega-inspired stage completed the grunge theme of the PBOB.

The guest judges: Cookie Chua of Color it Red, Chris Padilla of Hilera and Reli de Vera of Sinosikat?. Guest host was Isko of FMD, joined by our very own local youth Gem Santos, who did good on her debut hosting. The guest musicians were all impressed by the young but very talented bands that night. ATE KUROT nailed their performance and took home the Grand Prize, while the very young but equally talented DAMALEDARIAN placed second, and the wittily named band BOBO THE WISEMAN placed third. Individual Awards were also given --- brothers Roylan, Roman and Ramon Dumangan of Ate Kurot bagged the Best Drummer, Best Bassist, and Best Vocalist respectively. 15-year old Calvin Guevarra who played by heart, took home the Best Guitarist Trophy. The judges gave a surprise performance with former Vice Mayor Atty. Noel Roxas on Bass, JR Oca and Chris Padilla on guitars, Reli on Drums and Cookie Chua with her powerful voice sang the classic soulful song "Chain of Fools". It was definitely a rare treat for the youth of Pandi! A first in Pandi again!

PBOB was organized by JR Oca as the first leg of the Talento Pandi Festival in cooperation with the Pandi Tourism Council, Asenso, Pandi! of Mayor Bobby Oca, Tau Gamma Phi Pandi Council and the Sangguniang Kabataan of Poblacion. This program aims to help the Pandi Tourism Council in promoting our town by encouraging our talented KaPandis to develop and share their talents and eventually be recognized not only in Pandi but in other places as well. Music, arts, fashion, theater, and photography are just some of the aspects Talento Pandi Festival aims to develop by organizing future competitions, seminars and trainings for our KaPandis. Let us encourage our youth to dream big, take the clean path, and go for that dream!

Big big thank you to all the sponsors!:
>Maracelli Institute of Technology Caregiver School
>Bodega ng Bayan
>Jella Furnitures
>Rivera Farm
>Pandi Caltex Gasoline Station

for supporting the event despite the short notice.

For more pictures and information, here's the link to the PBOB site:

--- by Jo-G Naldoza

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"serve to save"

January 15, 2007 marked the blessing of the new medical building of the Philippine Coast Guard with no less than Dr. Ted Esguerra, Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team Physician, leading the PCG medical staff on this affair --- it has been a dream come true! Congrats, Doc. Ted! One achievement after another!

Um... what's next...?!?

Prior to the actual blessing of the facility, a short program was held at the PCG conference room were plaques of recognition were distributed to guests.

Drs. Tom and Yolanda Stern of One World Institute turned over their donations ----- wheelchairs for several chosen recipients. Luckily, one of those was the Municipality of Pandi, thru the recommendation of Dr. Esguerra.

I went back bringing 3 wheelchairs with me: one for the members of the Associated Workers' Union, and two for Pandi, Bulacan --- one of which will be turned over to the Municipal Health Office for use at the Emergency Services Unit, and one to be given to a cerebral palsy child patient who lives in Poblacion, Pandi.

Thank you, doctors! We would be glad to have you visit us in Pandi!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One Town, One Product Philippines

There's something that all of us KaPandi should be proud about. The Bagong Barrio Multi-Purpose Cooperative was awarded this year as Most Outstanding SME of Bulacan and Model OTOP of Bulacan for its Specialized Garments (Barongs and Gowns), besting other entries.

The residents of Bagong Barrio had been laboring for years, creating fashionable yet affordable gowns and barongs for the Filipinos. Most of them have shops in Divisoria and Baclaran in order to have a share of a bigger market.

Allegedly getting no support from the then local government, they decided to band together and form the now existing cooperative. The much needed attention did not come until the Provincial Department of Trade and Industry started supporting the cooperative members by helping promote their products, and subsidizing booth fees on trade fairs. It was, as they say, a struggle at first. Now the cooperative is reaping awards for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

A couple of months ago, the BBMPC, together with representatives from DTI Bulacan, invited Mayor Bobby Oca in one of their management meetings where their concerns and support needs were aired. They formally presented to him as well the newly-created brand Disenyo Pandi. Mayor Bobby ensured the group of his commitment to support the cooperative in their endeavors.

A few weeks later, direction signage were put up by the LGU staff on key areas of Pandi to welcome visitors from the First National OTOP Summit held at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Pasay City.

BBMPC hosted a short welcome program headed by the young and dynamic tandem of Mr. Danny Rivera (current President of BBMPC), and Mr. Sonny Antonio (former President of BBMPC). The hosts guided the visitors to the exhibit area on their newly-built building, then later on proceeded to one of the member's shops to show a sample of how the garments were meticulously made.

Keep up the good work, BBMPC!

Senior Citizens Promote Inang Filipina Shrine

The Senior Citizens of Pandi gathered at the Inang Filipina Shrine in Bgy. Real de Cacarong to celebrate the season last Saturday, December 15, 2007. Gracing the occasion was Mayor Bobby Oca, Councilor Evangelina Sandel, Mr. Pepe Ordonez of FSCAP, OSCA Chairman Mr. Baby Santos, OSCA President Mrs. Maring Alcaraz, former OSCA President Mr. Adriano Laderas, and Mr. Benjamin Fajardo, OSCA Founding President (not in order as in the picture).

The venue was specifically chosen by the OSCA members as a way to promote the shrine, collectively expressing sadness that the historical site had not been given adequate attention in the past, and that even residents of Pandi are not aware of its significance nor the story behind it. The shrine is allegedly the site of the First Philippine Republic where a community ("walled city") of Katipuneros once existed, headed by then Gen. Eusebio Roque. It is also where the young Gregorio del Pilar fought his first battle.This shrine, together with the Biak-na-Bato Republic, and the Malolos Republic are all depicted in the seal of Bulacan Province. Upon assumption to post, Mayor Bobby Oca had requested the local DECS Supervisor that the history of Inang Filipina shrine be taught in all public schools in Pandi so that children may become well-versed with this legacy.

Students and teachers of Manuel G. Santos Memorial School headed by Mrs. Fely Cruz performed an excerpt on the battle that ensued between the Katipuneros and the Spaniards at that time, prompting some people in the audience to get teary-eyed. Sincere gratitude to you, Tita Fely, for providing the blast-from-the-past number. May you never get tired of perpetuating the history of Inang Filipina to the future generations of KaPandi! As for the senior citizens of Pandi, they have proven once again that indeed, ang mga Katandaan ang syang Gabay ng mga Kabataan.


Employees of the local government of Pandi involved in the processing of business licenses and permits underwent re-orientation today, as they gear up to increase efficiency of the LGU's licensing system. This is still in line with Mayor Bobby Oca's commitment in supporting the business sector of Pandi. This is also aligned with the national government's goal of avoiding red tape and possible corruption in government. Speeding up the application/renewal process and making things easier for the businesspeople will hopefully encourage more registration and renewal come 2008. Conducting the orientation is Sir Orestes of DTI and Sir Benjie of DILG, with Mam Baby of DTI lending support. The DTI lecturer commented that it was a first for them to have an LGU request for re-orientation, clearly expressing its desire to have the program implemented, both for the benefit of the license applicants, and the LGU employees, as it will make their job easier yet efficient.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pandi Lechon Parade 2007

The residents of Pandi held last December 7 its annual Lechon Parade as part of the 10-day celebration of the town fiesta. Those who actively participated in the parade were representatives of schools and organizations in Pandi. Kudos to the family of Hermana Mrs. Belen M. Tuason, Mr. Sonny Mendoza (Mayor's Office), and volunteers who made the festivity a success!

Making the event more meaningful was the presence of members of the First Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition (FPMEE) Team, who graciously accepted the municipality's invitation in such a short notice (Thanks, Sir Art Valdez, FPMEE founder and team leader). They are spreading the message to the whole country and to the rest of the world: Kaya ng Pinoy! as proven by the (FPMEE) members Leo Oracion and Erwin "Pastor" Emata by being the first Filipinos to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 2005, a feat accomplished by three Filipinas the following year -- Noelle Wenceslao, Carina Dayondon, and Janet Belarmino, proving that yes, Kaya ng Pinay! as well.

This is the same message that newly-elected Mayor Bobby Oca wants to emphasize to his constituents, especially to the youth of Pandi --- ang minimithing pagbabago at pag-asenso ng bayan ng Pandi ay posible sa pagkakaisa at pagtutulungan! Determination, team work and prayers are important if we are to achieve our collective goals for Pandi.

But more importantly, we need to change our mindset for the better, uplift the esteem of most of the residents, and believe that we can achieve progress if we work on it!

To the delight of the guests, a lechon was dressed up as a mountaineer complete with a paper mountain and the flag of the Philippines beside it as a tribute. Great job, Mr. Freddie Concepcion, municipal planning and development officer, Ms. Baby Mendoza, community affairs assistant,and Mr. Ato Mendoza, incidental resident artist of the munisipyo!

Thanks to ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda production staff and crew, by live coverage, we were able to send the message to the public that it is safe to patronize pork meat from Pandi, as well as showcase the creative yet affordable barong tagalog and gowns made by members of the Bagong Barrio Multi-Purpose Cooperative. The BBMPC was recently declared winner of the 2007 Model OTOP (one town, one product) of Bulacan award. Their designs are branded Disenyo Pandi. Watch out for more news as the local government of Pandi continue to promote the Disenyo Pandi brand! Shown here are some of the Gowns and Barongs modeled by young residents of Pandi, together with Ms. Carina Dayondon and Ms. Noelle Wenceslao (Mt. Everest Summitteers), and Dr. RTed Esguerra (expedition Physician). Not on the picture is Mr. Fred Jamili, mountaineering pioneer in the Philippines, adventure races organizer and co-founder of the FPMEE.

FYI: The annual lechon parade is celebrated to support and help boost one of the major industries in the town, hog raising. It is estimated that approximately 60% of pork meat supplies in Metro Manila come from Bulacan.